1) Playing instrumental music, while your guests
arrive, so they can mix and mingle.

2) Announcing of the Bridal Party, at the Grand Entrance.

3) Playing soothing instrumental music before dinner.

4) Cutting of the cake (which can sometimes be a messy, small
food fight), so your guests can have cake with their dinner and
you're not stuck with a lot to take home.

5) Dinner prayer given by your Minister, or Grandparent.

6) I'll then release the Bride and Groom, as well as the rest of the
Bridal Party and the parents of the Bride and Groom, for the
dinner line and release other tables of guests, as needed.

7) Relaxing instrumental music, during dinner, so your guests can
chat easily! After all...that's the great thing about your's a large family reunion and people need time to catch
up on things, before the party gets started.

8) Next comes the Best Man and Maid of Honor Toast,
a time for your closest friends to possibly embarrass you.

9) Then it's time to pick things up a bit, with the throwing of the
bouquet.  Women can get pretty aggressive going after that

10) Now it's his turn with the garter toss.
A time to show off those lovely legs and to see how long his arms

11) Next up is dancing to the songs you've chosen for
a) The bride and groom dance.
b) The father and bride dance.
 c) The mother and groom dance.
d) The bridal party dance.

12) Then it's your chance to recoup some of your expenses for
your big wedding, with the dollar dance, as well as a chance to
have some close conversations with your guests. Sometimes it's
fun to see if the bride or the groom collects the most money! As an
extra incentive for your guests to dance, you can offer them a shot
of alcohol, or a Jell-O shot, when they pay their dollar.
Some couples are now doing a DASH FOR CASH instead, of the
dollar dance!

13) Then there's the anniversary dance, where all married couples
come to the dance floor for some slow dancing and the D.J. asks
couples married less then 5 years to leave the floor, then 10 years
and etc... to see who the final couple on the dance floor is and find
out how long they've been married! A record for you to strive
14) Then it's time to, get the party kicking with all those dance
favorites that people of all ages can dance to at once, like the
Electric Slide, the Cha Cha Slide, the Cupid Shuffle, the Wobble,
Watch Me, the Macarena, the Cleveland Shuffle, the Hokey
Pokey, the Chicken Dance, Y.M.C.A., the Locomotion, the Twist,
some Swing Music, some Blue Grass, even some Polkas and,
depending on your guests liveliness and time available, I might
have them up for a Limbo Contest or a Hula Hoop Contest. I'll
also be playing all those classic rock, country, motown and current
R&B music, all edited with clean lyrics, so that your grandparents
and kids aren't offended.
Weddings are my Specialty!

It's a good idea, if possible, to have as many pictures as
possible taken before the actual wedding.  This will
allow you to get to the reception hall earlier so that your
guests aren't left waiting on your arrival, for over a
hour.  This will allow for more dancing party music,at
your reception, and less instrumental music!
A Special Note to Brides

Fiesta gives you a decent haircut at a good price.
For your Wedding Day,  you will go to a "SALON."

Flowers, from the supermarket, are inexpensive and convenient.
For your Wedding Day, you will hire a "FLORAL DESIGNER."

Your car is very reliable and gets you where you need to go.
For your Wedding Day, you probably will hire a LIMO AND

Inexpensive, disposable cameras take decent pictures.
For your Wedding Day, you will hire a "WEDDING

For a backyard barbecue, just about any DJ will  do.
For your Wedding Day,  you want to hire the best DJ possible, who
will help you plan, coordinate, and manage the most important day
of your life, you need
I'll be coordinating all the events at your reception, as well as
being the Master of Ceremonies so things will run smoothly and
quickly and once the wedding formalities are done, you and your
guests can enjoy the party.  Just remember to relax and enjoy
the night and let all the professionals that you hired:  D.J.,
Catering & Photographer do the work, after all, that's what
you're paying them for!
DJ Sandusky Ohio
DJ Willard Ohio
First Class DJ Sandusky & Willard Ohio