Here are some of the THANK YOU NOTES I've received over the years.  When it comes to
references, common sense would say that I'd certainly never give you the name of someone's show
that turned into a nightmare, although since there haven't been any, but when you ask for references, I
could give you the number of a friend, sister, parent etc., and you'd never know the difference, when
you call to ask how I did at a show for them.  So you really can't depend on any references a D.J.
gives you, unless you personally know the person who is the reference.
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The children all had a
great time, and everyone
said you were so nice to
the kids.  You did a great
I will spread the word.
Tammy S
Bridges Community
Academy Elementary
School in Tiffin
Hi Mark,

I wanted to pass a long a quick note to say thank you again for being the DJ for our wedding
on 8/16/08.  You did a great job and we have heard numerous times how impressed everyone
was with the DJ.  I know it got a little crazy there and would have spun out of control if you
weren't as professional as you were to keep everyone entertained.

Jennifer and I set up a web site during the wedding process and in a week or so are going to put
up some pictures for our guests to see.  I wanted to check with you to make sure it was ok to
put a link up to your web site in case any of our guests ever wanted to use you as a DJ.  I
figured you wouldn't mind but I thought I would check just to be sure.

Again, thanks for everything.

Hi Mark,
Its me Amber Smith, you were my Dj for our wedding!! I just wanted to
tell you that you did a wonderful job, I loved it. I wished I would of
Known that Donna did photo's I would of had her do my wedding
Mark I have you and Donna a card to tell you Thank You. Every body
in my family are still talking about the party. Faith really loved it. She
told me she wants to have that every year from now on.

Faith Marie Stone

January 18, 2010
May 25, 2010


I just wanted to drop you a few lines to say thank you for being the D.J. and that the DVD
was great.  I was kinda hoping that you did get me falling (during the cake cutting) but sure
enough you did and it is funny.  It will be great memories.  Again thank you sooooooooooo

Wow, I found this review about me on the internet from a bride for
whom I'd run sound, for the wedding ceremony as well as the
reception, that I did in 201.  It's so nice when someone takes the time to
write something so nice about my business.  I wish that every potential
bride could read this review, before hiring any other DJ -----

Mark from First Class DJ did an amazing job for our wedding and reception. We hired him because we saw his
web site and loved all of the equipment he had to offer. My husband ...just loves Big sound systems so this
was perfect. We had decided when planning our wedding that the most important things to us were the food
and the music and that is where our budget would go. well after seeing this system first hand and looking at
everything that mark did for us I would of paid double for him. He did our wedding music, uplighting at the hall
and the reception. He found every song we asked for (and we had some very strange songs). THe part my
guests keep talkig about is that he had 2 huge screens that played the videos to the songs he was playing, he
had our names across the front of his system and the lasers that shot across the hall were awesome. the kids
like the bubble machine, I loved the stars on the ceiling. Let me just say, even if his large system is above
your budget, CUT SOMETHING OUT AND HIRE HIM!!!! You won't regret it. I only wish we had another
reason to hire him. We had been to 5 weddings last year alone and while the dj's were good they weren't
GREAT and we wanted great... one wedding we went to had the bass up so loud that my son got a belly ache,
another had such a crackle that the best man couldn't even use a mic for his speech, the other just had a small
speaker and didn't have any music that the guests liked. You won't have any of that with first class dj. It was a
perfect day :)
Thanks so much for the great DJing last
night...You did a great job and everyone
commented on how good of a dj you were.
Thanks for making their night special.
Rachel Bahnsen (mother of the bride)
By the way.... everyone loved the shoe
May 7, 2012
DJ Sandusky Ohio
DJ Willard Ohio
First Class DJ Sandusky & Willard Ohio
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