When booking the Platinum & Gold System
you not only get "ME", the owner, doing
your show....but I'll also include a DVD of
your party that I've recorded from the stage,
with a HI DEF video camera, of various
highlights of the show!
The video will be up to 2 hours in length.
Most videographers will have long gone, or
their batteries died when the party really
starts kicking in.
             FREE Glow Sticks with my Silver, Gold, & Platinum Packages on Saturdays!
Also free are the prizes that I give out for winners of any contest I may hold at your party, such as "Limbo
Contest", "Musical Chairs" or "Hula Hoop Contest" (hula hoops are only with the Platinum & Gold Systems).  I
also toss out glow bracelets for the kids of all ages with my Platinum, Gold & Silver Systems at Saturday shows.  

If you feel the need for a personal face to face consultation with me about your upcoming event in my office, I'd be
more than happy to set up an appointment with you!  Things can also be taken care of completely over the phone.
This frees up your time for other things you need to get done, such as cake tasting and  picking out the bridal gowns
and tuxedos.

Also included with your contract in the mail will be this ultra spiffy business card!
DJ Sandusky Ohio
DJ Willard Ohio
First Class DJ Sandusky & Willard Ohio